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There are no two weddings the same, which means in order for me to give you an accurate quote for your big day it is best to organise a free consulation to understand your specific requirements. In order to give you an idea though of some costs, I have put together a list of guide prices which may help you. 


Price guides -  Prices with fluctuate depending on the type of flowers used and the time of year.


Brides Bouquets 

Hand tied posy - £ 60.00

The most popular style, an all round shape using the natural stem of the flowers to create the handle, it can be made compact and tight of flower or loose and natural looking.


Hand tied Shower - £ 85.00


The same principle as above but the bouquet is long and has trailing flowers and foliage creating a natrural soft and elegant design.

Shower Bouquet - £ 100.00


These are created by using a plastic handled holder and can vary in size from small and compact to a large cascade effect as seen in the picture.


Bridesmaids Bouquets -

Hand tied posy - £ 40.00 


The same principle to the Brides hand tied posy, but typically smaller and slightly different to Brides as you will want that to stand out.

Wrist Corsage - £ 12.00

A single flower or a few flowers arranged and attached with a band or ribbon and worn on the wrist. A great alternitive if you need to keep the budget down or if you want to keep your hands free.


Flower Girls 

Hand tied posy - £ 18.00

Smaller than bridesmaids


Single flower wand - £ 10.00

A single flower with streams of ribbons


Circlet of flowers - £ 25.00

A circlet of flowers makes any flower girl feel like a princess, typically small dainty flowers are used like gypsophila and spray roses.


Basket of Petals - £ 12.00

This is a great idea if you want your little ones to throw petals as they go down the aisle.


Buttonholes and Corsages


Ladies Corsage - £ 8.00

Generally worn by the Mothers of the Bride and Groom. These can either tie in with the wedding fowers or to match the colour of the outfits.

Mens Buttonholes -

A single flower worn by the Groom, Bestman, Ushers and Fathers of the Bride and Groom. The Grooms can be a little more extravant.

Rose - £ 5.00 

Carnation or Mini Gerbera - £ 4.00

Calla lily - £ 6.00

Orchid - £ 6.00


Ceremony Flowers

Pew ends - 

Single flower tied with ribbon - £ 6.00

An arrangement of flowers - £ 12.50 

Arch of flowers - 

This really does depend on size of arch but an average cost is £ 300



Reception Flowers

Pedestal Arrangement -

Medium - £ 100.00

Large - £ 150.00 plus 

Tradtional Top Table Arrangement -

£ 75.00 (approx 2ft)

£ 110.00 (approx 3ft) 

This is a long and low arrangement that sits on the edge of the top table between the Bride and Groom.

Large Tall Arrangement - £ 100.00 (includes vase hire)

These create a stunning centerpiece to any table and are tall enough for guests to see each other.

Tall Slim Arrangement - £ 55.00 (includes vase hire)

A slim tall vase helps create height and impact with spending a lot of money.

Low Vase Arrangement - £ 45.00 (includes vase hire)

These are the tradtional type of guest arrangement and putting the flowers on a mirror helps frame the flowers.

Glass Candleabra with flowers around bottom - £ 150.00 each (includes candleabra hire and candle)

I only have 5 of these but can mix them with these on some table and low arrangments on other.

Cake Flowers -£ 20.00

I can supply fresh flowers for wedding cakes.

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